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Any meetings listed are most likely curtailed due Corona virus.


Peninsula Astronomical Society

Home Page at

Given the evolving situation with COVID-19 and guidance from trusted authorities
regarding the hazards of public events in close quarters,
PAS is canceling the Friday and Saturday public viewing sessions at Foothill Observatory.

PAS Meetings are now available as 'Zoom' events.

Update October 2020

PAS Invitation

Fremont Peak Obsevatory Association

The spring edition of the Fremont Peak Observer is available
Local copy at:

2021 Programs are tentative pending approval of our programs by the Parks.
At this time, we’re submitting our program safety plan to State Parks
to restart our solar programs.
The outdoor solar program model should satisfy state and local COVID guidelines.

Extra-solar Planet Search

Planets around other stars, extra-solar planets

TESS Exoplanet Mission

Kepler Mission


Planetary Geology
Design your own Lunar, Martian or Astrodial fly over
using actual data from Planetary probes.
(Parts of trek are still under beta test.)
Mid 2020

Gravity Wave Detectors

LIGO, Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory.

Virgo in Italy
 Chabot Space and Science Center

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Last chance to sign up, before the housing drawing on January 22nd!

2021 Texas Star Party – Sign up now!

The great tradition of dark sky observing continues with the 42nd Annual
TEXAS STAR PARTY, May 2-9, 2021!
near Ft Davis, Texas

We have made changes to help deal with COVID-19 concerns. Find out more at:

Staying on the Ranch in housing, RV, or camping? Staying off-site in other accommodations?
Everyone needs to enter the TSP drawing, held in late January.

You should submit a Registration/Reservation Request Form to ENTER THE TSP DRAWING
before January 22, 2021.
This will provide you the highest possible chance of being selected as one of the 300 people
who will be able to attend TSP this year.

Follow this link to get started!


You can find out the status of your TSP Registration at any time by visiting

Find the latest news at:

Questions? Visit our web site for the latest and complete details! or email

We look forward to seeing you next May!

the volunteers for Texas Star Party 

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Dear UC Astronomers,

On August 1, (2019)st, the IEEE will dedicate a bronze plaque at Lick Observatory's Shane Telescope
honoring Lick's Lunar Laser Ranging Experiment (LURE).
LURE measured the distance to the moon using a retroreflector emplaced there by the Apollo 11 astronauts.

This is a very nice honor from the IEEE.
LURE joins the varied and notable ranks of other IEEE Milestone honorees.
Among these are the reception of the first transatlantic radio signals,
the first semiconductor integrated circuit, the first atomic clock, Moore's Law,
the first public demonstration of television, high temperature superconductivity,
and interactive video games. Quite a nice crowd to be associated with, if you ask me!

I want to call your attention to two nice press releases related to the event:

1) Lick Observatory commemorates Apollo 11 experiment on 50th anniversary describes the plaque
and the laser ranging technology used to measure the distance to the moon.

2) Apollo 11 anniversary: Lick Observatory scientists recall landmark experiment 40 years ago,
in which UC scientists who were present at the laser ranging event describe how the experiment
was rapidly put together for NASA, and what it has meant to them on a more personal level.

Best regards,
Claire Max  

More on this subject.

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NASA video, how cooronagraphs are used to find extra solar Planets

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Synthetic Aperature Radar, on UTube.

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Stanford Gravitationl Wave, lecture on UTube 

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Ken L's Bay Astro Event List

For years, Kenneth Lum of EAS (and SMCAS ) has been compiling and distributing to EAS members a listing of upcoming events
pertinent to astronomy topics.

-Alan Gould