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Contact me by email at
email is the best way to contact me since my schedule changes often.
Also it's nice to have a record of previous messages.
My cell phone is  ( 650 ) 868 5035.
Voice mail on this line is monitored but we
do not always call back.
So email is better.

Bob Fies  ( G. R. Fies )
807 Rutherdale
San Carlos, Ca. 94070 3733

If you have an ATM question I don't know I will try to find
an answer or give you a referral.

This page is at the 'Aluminum Coating' website at

 Mr. Dobson and Bob Fies

The picture shows Mr. Dobson and me coating mirrors. ( Dec. 18, 2000 )
The Sidewalk Astronomers  information.
An Article on John Dobson from the 'Wall Street Journal', September, 2004.

Bob's bio from SMCAS Newsletter


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Sacramento Valley Astronomical Society Winter/Spring Newsletter
with more info about mirror coating. Local copy in .pdf format:

Pictures for the lecture given to the Sacramento Valley Astronomical Society
November 18, 2016.

Bob's mixed media, watercolor, acrylic and Microsoft Paint



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