6  INCH      $50  
     8  INCH      $50  
    10  INCH      $56  
    12.5 INCH      $66  
    14 INCH      $76  
    16  INCH      $86  

  Mirror Sets:
  Include $10 more if the diagonal or secondary is attached to anything.
  Note, Primary must be under 10.5 inch and
   secondary under 2.75 inch ( minor axis ).

THAN 12.5 INCH diameter AND
3 INCH or more THICK.



The de-coating charge is applied only once per customer's job except
as below.
If there are multiple mirrors larger than 12 5/8 inch the de-coating
charge is $12 for each mirror larger than 12 5/8.
( de-coating ). see note

Due to the time required we are charging $10 to separate a mirror from its backing.

$20 to remove epoxy or paint from surface to be coated.
( not including marker pin marks and other paint that can be
removed with paint thinner, lacquer thinner or methanol. )

$50 Coating Minimum

PLUS $8 HANDLING for mirrors 10.5 inch or smaller.
PLUS $12 HANDLING for mirrors larger than 10.5 inch.

See note on limitation of liability.

If you send me an email with a description of your job I will reply with a quote.



Shipping information

I have been receiving mirrors for coating by FedEx and U. S. Mail. This has worked well with no breakage or damage.   Recently we have been receiving increasing numbers of mirror using US Mail, flat rate boxes.(See Note 5)  Wrap the mirror in an old towel and put in a grocery sack. Tape up the sack with masking tape.  Place the inner package in a larger cardboard box.  Pad with wadded newspapers or bubble wrap ( preferred ) or Styrofoam popcorn. I will not handle shipping insurance claims if the mirror was not wrapped properly.

packing.gif (423137 bytes) Turnaround time here has been averaging two weeks but may be longer if there is a backlog, Coating Status.  I have been asking $8 or $12 per package to rewrap and deliver the packages for return shipment.  I will mail a letter after shipping to verify shipment and adjust for variations in return shipping charge. There is no ground shipping available from Hawaii so U. S. Mail service may be less expensive from Hawaii.  When you ship the mirror you will know the shipping price. Mail me a letter or send an email if you want me to know the mirror is on its way.
In the letter or with the mirror include coating and handling fees and approximant return shipping charges.  Prepaid orders will generally take priority over orders for which payment has not been received.

Shipping Notes

Note 1: FedEx, Airborne and others cannot deliver mirrors to a US Mail Post Office Box.

Note 2: If the shipment arrives with an insurance tag I presume it should be returned with insurance. However there is no way I can tell the declared value from an insured tag.

Note 3: Mirrors will not be redirected to a different address than the address inside the box with the mirror.  Prior arrangements must be made in the case that the mirror is to be returned to a different address.

Note 4: If you would prefer to receive the free U S Post Office tracking number for your
return shipment please do not include post office stamps with your shipment.

Note 5: Special note for 10 inch mirrors in a large flat rate box.
  The 10 inch mirror will require extra cardboard padding around the mirror edge or you
  can use Styrofoam insulation sheet.
Its much less expensive to ship a roll of bubble wrap twice across the country than to ship a wooden box.

Heavy Mirrors

Checks and money orders must be made to Bob Fies. Checks and money orders to 'Aluminum Coating' cause difficulties when cashing.

Note, Shipments from outside the United States

Checks and money orders must be in US Dollars.  Bank charges make currency conversion impractical.  You can buy pre paid return shipping labels from FedEx.

Aluminum Coating
807 Rutherdale
San Carlos, CA
94070 3733


  Additional Information, we have coated mirrors up to 20 inch in diameter. We have adapters for coating various sizes of mirrors. We have two double mirror holders. One holder is zero to 10 inch and zero to 8 inch. Another holder is zero to 9 1/2 inch and zero to 8 1/2 inch. We also have multi holders for 4 1/4 inch mirrors and 6 inch mirrors. The 6 inch multi holder has swing arms for under size mirrors. If you can ship two 6 inch mirrors together you will save on the coating and handling charge.


 We are not accepting thick mirrors larger than 16.5 inch diameter at this time.   January, 2022

Note regarding 20 inch mirrors It is possible that I will refuse mirrors that are too thick for me to lift. Also the 20 inch mirror holder is about 20 and 1/32 inch in diameter. It is possible that even though a mirror measures 20 inches in two directions it may still not fit into the mirror holder due to out of round.


We cannot guarantee your satisfaction on mirrors that have been de-coated. Often a few percent of the mirror aperture will be lost due to residue of the previous coating. We will not attempt to polish away the old coating even though polishing might increase the value of the mirror when it is not installed in a telescope.


Limitation of Liability

There is no insurance on mirrors while they are in my custody.  Mirrors are presumed to have the value of a typical amateur made mirror.  There is no way for me to determine the market value of a mirror made from exotic materials nor the value for the manufacturing and figuring of a mirror.  There is no way for me to verify that a mirror has antique value.  

In some cases I have had people with large, heavy mirrors made of exotic material do the lifting while the mirror is here.  There is no warrantee that I can provide this type of service.

Bob Fies

Shipping Label



Effective June 25, 2022

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