Yosemite Glacier Point Weekend, August 4 to 7, 2011

Arrived Thursday evening.

Friday hike to Sentinel Dome

Yosemite Falls from Sentinel Dome

Bob Black and Bob Fies    Bud Wittlin on camera

Friday Evening at Glacier Point

Camera still working?

Friday Evening, Bob Black's Camera
Using the laser for collimation and aligning the finder scope.

Fire caused by a lightning strike.
Park policy calls for lighting caused fires to be allowed to burn.
Fire Fighters remain on the ready in case of a change in conditions.

Fire viewed from the road to Crane Flat Park Entrance.

Viewed from the Glacier Point Road about a mile above Highway 41 junction.
Fire and smoke were quite impressive when driving back to Yosemite West after the Star Party at night.

Friday Night Pictures,   Bob Fies camera.
The smoke from the fire make 'Alpine Glow' very impressive.

Smoke color was even deeper on Saturday Night

Sunday, after all others had left for home.
Up the Mist Trail then to Clark's point before retuning quite hungry to Camp Curry for a pizza.

Trail Map at Clark's Point.  Orange dots show the route.  Satellite view

The Mist Trail

The Trail that connects from the mist trail to Clark's Point.

Hikers on the Mist Trail look tiny.

Huffing and Puffing and still not to Clark's Point

Clark's Point at last.

Hikers returning from the High Country choose the Mist Trail

Survey marker at Clarks Point

Trail to Nevada Falls and the 'High Country'.   The trail not taken

Pack trail to the Valley skirts around a cliff followed by innumerable switch back.  Had to clear my ears several times.
About 1/3 of the way down one begins to see Maple and other Valley Floor flora and to hear the sound of the cataracts below.

View from Vernal Falls bridge on the way down.

Overexposed view of Illilouette Falls. Greenhorns fresh from Camp Curry are still going up.

Last views of the Valley before descending to Arch Rock and Highway 140.

Panorama to South from Glacier Point Road